Seeing Addictions and Aversions in a New Light

I do understand that the AA meetings are extremely important and beneficial for many people who have developed alcohol dependency problems.

My main concern is the declaration they use I am an alcoholic. For me the words I AM represent the words and works of God. This means that I AM are the most powerful words in the dictionary and what-ever we attach to them we empower. Every time people tell themselves I am an alcoholic they empower that behaviour and at the same time they abuse their true and Godly or Good Self.

I understand that these people are bravely stepping out of denial with a good intention of being honest about their drinking problem. However the truth is they are not an alcoholic. That statement is in fact a lie. Why? Because excessive consumption of alcohol is not who they are; it is something they do. It is a learned behaviour and therefore with support it can be unlearned or undone again.

The repetitive thinking and speaking I am an alcohol becomes a personal belief. And as we believe so e become. And then we claim, individually and collectively something along the lines of Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. We insist there is no cure and therefore we spend a life time in ‘recovery.’ Over time these beliefs become real for us and we spend a life time identifying ourselves as an alcoholic and always in the state of recovery. These beliefs, along with the suppressed emotions that lie beneath, will continue to attempt to push a person off the wagon, keeping a cycle of aversion and addiction in motion.

I can’t help thinking that maybe all allergies, aversions, cravings, or addictions come from the same source. Think about it. Most people who have addictions or addictive behaviours usually feel guilty. My question is what comes first the guilt or the substance? Are we addicted to the guilt? Do the unhealthy and unconscious feelings of guilt trigger the need to seek out the unhealthy substance? Or does the substance-abuse trigger the guilt? Are we more addicted to the external chemical we use and abuse, or are we more addicted to the unconscious internal chemical we produce through our limiting beliefs; self-abuse, self-judgment, etc. which in turn brings about those unwanted feelings.

And what drives those emotions and actions? Is it fear or is it love? We all know the answer to that don’t we? As we buy into, and we re-act to the internal chemical produced by that underlying fear of not being good enough, or of the feelings of guilt, or what ever it is, we will feel pushed into buying something to feed and to fulfil that feeling. All we really do is set up a chain re-action of poisonous addictions within and with out. And to add to the poison we go around calling our self an addict, or an alcoholic, re-affirming our behaviour as if it’s who we are.

When we are ready and willing to look inside and find what really drives the external addiction and address that, we discover new choices. I believe that by separating who we are from our behaviour, we give our self a much better chance of releasing what we believe about ourself and recover that true sense of self. Now, we can find new ways to re-connect with that real feeling of self and self-worth we search for in the bottle.

I found that many of the things I craved were not conducive to my good health and well-being. The very things that I created an aversion to were often the things that supported my well-being. Was I addicted to love, or was I addicted to abuse?

As I explored beyond the external problems, I found that the toxic build up from the aversions I developed toward myself, along with the self intolerance and lack of self compassion, were poisoning my immune system and making life intolerable. When I cleaned up the poison on the inside, the outside became tolerable. I became more sensitive to a deeper level of self, and in doing so I became more sensitive to my true needs and wants.

Marie Brunger is an accomplished writer and author and an inspirational healer and speaker. Her latest book “I AM from fear to Freedom is a result of a decision she made over 20 years ago to heal her life and to help others to do the same.

Marie has supported thousands of people through their personal and life threatening challenges to find the freedom to choose who they want in the drivers’ seat of their life – Love or fear.

Her philosophy is simple. Instead of searching for what’s wrong, and fixing the perceived problem, we look to find all that’s right. She says: “I am committed to restoring self-love and making it the foundations for a life of well-being. These strong foundations allow me and you to venture safely and more naturally through the fear to enjoying a higher level of living, loving and achieving.

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